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Value creation. Due diligence. Feasibility study. Reasonableness opinion. Process improvement. We strengthen commercial outcomes and improve M&A transactions. Coverage includes USDA loans & New Market Tax Credit supported deals.



We offer online modules for the technically trained to improve their business acumen without going back to school.


Focused, dense, data reports on specific tech areas not found in syndicated reports.

Consulting & Due Diligence

To maximize market adoption and support sustainable growth for a technology or product platform, there has to be a strong technical knowledge continuum between market planning and development teams.  Failure to do so can result in wasted R&D and marketing investments. 

August Brown solves this problem by stepping into the interface between technical R&D teams and marketing groups to formulate the market plans and product strategies before commercialization and after a launch. Our consultants straddle the gap between engineering and marketing to enhance the value of any technology based offering. Our areas of expertise include the categories below (mouse over each category to see the description).


Due Diligence

Product Strategy / 


Capability Driven Market Analysis






Foreign Based 


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Online Modules

In the August Brown client engagements, it is not uncommon for the deliveries that we conduct to fall into specific system frameworks and processes. To maximize the value to the community of clients that are in our space, we are developing online modules to teach our frameworks and processes. Here is the current list of online modules that are underway:

  • Tech Translation the specific methodology that incorporates assumption storming and lateral thinking to achieve transformative growth adjacencies and development gaps.

  • Stage Gate Training designed for early/mid-level career technical staff members to achieve foundational knowledge and tools to accelerate product development.

  • Value Modeling designed for KDM (key decision makers) to achieve a 360 view of stake holders, their concerns and the opportunities for product growth, beyond.

  • Advanced Market Sizing for Non-Marketers designed to equip technical or market leaders with the methods for determining the size of any market in a systematic and repeatable process.

  • Supply Chain Basicsprovides non-supply chain experts with a basic introduction to the discipline and covers advanced topics for the seasoned professional.

Private Groups


In most deliveries, invariably, subjective questions will arise after the completion of a project. To allow for continued nonproprietary discussions, August Brown maintains a private Facebook where its users can discuss strategies for tech translation, stage gates, value modeling and market sizing.

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